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by United in Humanity

United In Humanity is preparing to travel to Turkey, Jordan, and Palestine to prepare Palestinian and Syrian refugees for the harsh winter weather. We will be proving medical care and distributing humanitarian aid.

United in Humanity is a group of medical professionals and volunteers who travel from all over the world to the Middle East and set up urgent care clinics and provide medical care and humanitarian aid to refugees. We are planning to travel this November to Kilis and Istanbul inTurkey to help two time displaced Palestinian refugees living in those areas who are suffering from very poor living environments and lack of resources. We also will travel to El Ghor in Jordan where there are over 30 Syrian refugee families living there still that continue to live in tents and in extreme poverty. We then plan to travel to Hebron in Palestine and provide care and aid in two areas that we have visited before, which are Idna and Yatta. These areas have families who are also living in tents, very poor living situations, and lack of medical assistance. Our group of medical professionals includes a trauma doctor, a hospitalist, and ob/gyn doctor, we will also have nurses and volunteers. The humanitarian aid we will be disturbuting includes medicine, winter coats, boots, scarfs, blankets, hats, and food baskets that will last the families throughout the winter. We need your help every penny helps children and adults stay warm and comfortable throughout winter. Your donation is tax deductible and you will automatically get a receipt as soon as you donate. All of donations go directly to our missions and the people we serve. All volunteers pay for their own expenses and accommodations. Help us keep refugees safe and warm this winter.

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