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by United in Humanity

United in Humanity Travel to Turkey to provided medical and humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugeess living in Gaziantep, Istanbul, and Kilias. We provided food baskets, blankets, and coal to 300 families who are struggling.

United in Humanity is a group of medical professionals and volunteers who travel from all over the world to the Middle East and set up urgent care clinics and provide medical care and humanitarian aid to refugees. We traveled in November 2018 to Kilis, Gaziantep,and Istanbul in Turkey to help two time displaced Palestinian refugees living in those areas who are suffering from very poor living environments and lack of resources. We provided food baskets, coal, and blankets to 300 families who really needed the help. We were deeply affected by the stories and people we meet in these areas. We meet a mother of 4 from Gaza named Oum Saher. She witnessed three wars in Gaza and she didn't want her children to continue to live like that so she sold everything she had in Gaza and took her family to Turkey, She is a school teacher and she is not able to get a job because she has a Palestinian passport and her husband is working job to job. They are barely making it. She is very depressed of everything she has seen in her life in Gaza, her life now in Turkey, and even more depressed because her two daughters are both deaf. Halla,10, and Leyan 7, are both deaf. Her wish is to have her girls be able to hear and communicate with her. We promised her United in Humanity will help get her daughter hearing aids. Another refugee we went had been in prison in Syria for over 15 years and he had cancer and lost his larynx. He begged us for a voice box so he can communicate with others. We are hoping to keep our promises to these two families. We need your help to do so, all donation are tax deductible and you receive a email with this information as soon as you donate.


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